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Lido Pimienta Takes Control

By Maria Martinez


#HOC presents #ZONES album release party at Izakaya Sushi House on MARCH 13th. W/ special guests Lido Pimienta, Mimico & Mas Aya. 
Event info - https://www.facebook.com/events/300525816738591/
poster by Derek McKeon


#HOC presents #ZONES album release party at Izakaya Sushi House on MARCH 13th. W/ special guests Lido Pimienta, Mimico & Mas Aya.

Event info - https://www.facebook.com/events/300525816738591/

poster by Derek McKeon


Here’s a remix we did of Petra Glynt’s WAR CRY. Was first grabbed by the lyrics of this track, which, for me, walk that golden mean between melancholy and elation (part of this work is accomplished by the power and beauty of Alex’s voice): 

Since I left the womb I’ve been carving my way 
Some carve their own tomb before its over 
Some chose to watch the clock wishing they weren’t sober 

Blame the system cuz some chase freedom to the grave 
Trying new flavours of belief or ways to feel sane 
but we’re still enslaved 

Does your blood run dry? 
This is a war cry 
Its whether you know your alive and what you’re made of 

Do the rivers run dry? Does the Mother cry? 
Its whether you know she’s alive and what you’re made of

You can grab Petra Glynt’s album here: http://petraglynt.bandcamp.com/album/of-this-land-ep





Saturday, March 1, 2014

Modern Fuel is pleased to announce our first Vapours Concert of 2014, taking place over the weekend of February 28 and March 1, 2014. We will welcome into our space four bands over two nights: Lido Pimienta (Columbia/Toronto), Bile Sister (Toronto) Petra Glynt (Toronto) and b0ots (Kingston/Hamilton). Space/seating is limited.

Single Night Tickets: $10 / $8 Modern Fuel members OR Weekend Tickets: $15 / $12 Modern Fuel Members

Friday, February 28, 2014.  Doors open at 9, show begins at 9:30pm

Lido Pimienta:  Música glamurosa dramática y de terror patético//Dramatic and glamorous music of pathetic terror. Known as “Colombian darling” and “Soundsister”, Lido Pimienta jumps back and forth from electronic beats, analog synths and Afro-Colombian rhythms to out-of-this-world chanting. 

Bile Sister aka Julie Reich plays music shrouded in overdriven minimal electronics, effects-laden vox, and left field pop leanings.  ”To enter the world of Bile Sister is to enter another realm completely. It is as if you have been taken under the wing of some gentle omniscient mythical being, guiding you through a heart-stopping musical journey of life-changing magnitude.”

Saturday, March 1, 2014.  Doors open at 9, show begins at 9:30pm. After party follows, with DJ Paul Vee. 

DIY artist-slash-musician Alexandra Mackenzie aka Petra Glynt creates a wormhole into another realm with her blown-out rhythms, scrambled electronics and strange vocal arrangements. Watch her recent video— a colourful post-apocalyptic wasteland here: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/premiere-petra-glynt-sour-paradise

b0ots stream of conciousness, serendipidous sounds will open the night with vivid improvisation. As they say, We r B0Ots & w3 0nlY Sp3ak ThE TruTHintuitive colours and psychedelic wunderz.

Special thanks to Canadian Heritage and the Canada Arts Presentation Fund.  


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Lido Pimienta

I’d not known a thing before last night. I hadn’t seen light or known warmth. I’d never heard music or chanted on mute. I hadn’t danced, swung or moved quite as strangely in all my days as I had just last night. My mind also had not before felt the powerful hug of mephedrone on every neural twitch and impulse in my body, and I certainly would never have felt as compelled to indulge in these strange whims as I did last night, converting them all frantically into awkward physical expressions of varying subtly, merrily disregarding the embarrassment and confusion they were wreaking on those of sound mind and judgement around me- few of them as they were… it follows that I had also not made as many close friends and enemies in so short a time as I had last night in the back room of a church in this medium town. But last night I went to see Lido Pimienta perform her music in front of a crowd of friendly hippies high on smoke and pink lasers. And today I’m a fundamentally changed person. I am better.

If you’ve not experienced Lido and the rest of the band- included among them a bass clarinetist named Robert if I remember correctly from what I think was a conversation but he might recall better as an aggressively positive confrontation- do so. It’s not enough to listen to Lido in some online fashion… but do that as well after the real thing, of course. This is music you need to SEE and FEEL in a LIVE venue. If not, you’ll never know light or warmth, etc.

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